LOFT is a customer-driven tool. In terms of its functionality, designers and manufacturers who are part of the LOFT business community will be able to offer current and future buyers through their websites the opportunity to upload their own pictures. LOFT then allows them to convert these pictures into 3-D environments and to “play around” at their convenience with the products of the designers and manufacturers. This will lead to a much higher level of „reality‟ in the virtual experience than anyone can offer today.

We are a technology provider offering high quality software solutions for manufacturers & designers of products and brands which surrounds us in our day-to-day lives. Our unique technological innovations are based on a 33 years company heritage and add value to primary business drivers of our clients. The NedSense organization offers a fun, ambitious and exciting environment for highly motivated, loyal and qualified specialist.

NedSense is the ‘My Brand’ provider in a society in which the ‘Me’ consumer emerges.

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